What are Sales Funnels? (A Sales Funnel Explained)

Jessica Mele
10 min readMay 19, 2022
Jessica Mele — What are Sales Funnels? (A Sales Funnel Explained)

If you have an online business, there is a good chance that you’re selling products that you created. It’s a great way to make money and be able to live your life the way that you want to. But unfortunately, just having these products doesn’t automatically give you massive sales or a successful business. You’ll need to do more to help assure your success.

As you no doubt already know, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to find customers and make sales. That’s why it’s so frustrating when you’re working hard and putting in a lot of time into promoting your products, and don’t see the kinds of results that you’re looking for.

It’s not enough to inundate your audience with messaging and links to your offer in the hopes that they’ll click and buy. You have to use a proven method to help you get sales and not only make it easier, but more automated.

That’s why successful online businesses rely on the power of sales funnels to sell their products and services. Want to know why? Because they work. They know that good sales funnels are made of valuable, targeted, and well-timed offers. Having a sales funnel will automate the sales process for you, and put you in control of what your potential customer sees, and when. If you create a sales funnel with multiple offers in it, you’ll soon start to see more revenue coming in.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

You’ve no doubt heard the term “sales funnel” before, but what exactly is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is the journey your target customer takes from the initial awareness of you and your company to the point where they purchase from you. It is the process prospects go through to become a customer.

It’s called a funnel because it’s wide at the top (the sales funnel entry point) and gradually narrows as the customer moves toward your main offer. The idea is to cast a wide net at first, attracting casual and serious people alike. You then present them with offers that will either move people down the funnel towards a purchase or, eventually, remove them.

The types of offers you present, and where you place them, is key to your funnel’s success. Most funnels start off with something free, what they call a lead magnet. Once someone is in…

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