7 Ways to Grow Your Email Lists

Jessica Mele
5 min readFeb 3, 2023
Jessica Mele — 7 Ways to Grow Your Email Lists

Email marketing is a great way to build and grow a relationship with your audience. It can also help them get to know you better, learn from you, and purchase from you in the future.

Having an email list enables you to send email messages at intervals. This will result in increased engagement and customer retention. It helps you create an emotional connection with your customers. They’ll be getting content that interests them and will be learning more about you at the same time.

Building an email list is not about gathering email addresses to add to a database. It’s about starting, growing, and nurturing relationships with those subscribers. It’s about providing value to them, so that they want to keep getting emails and learning from you.

When you first start an email list, you may wonder how you will ever get to a point where you have many people on it. The good news is there are many ways to build your list, and most of them don’t cost a thing.

Here are seven ways to your your email list quickly:

1. Start With Your Website

Your website is a great place to start building your list. If someone comes to your site and likes…



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