4 Reasons I Was Excited about Prime Day (As an Affiliate Marketer)

Jessica Mele
5 min readAug 17, 2022
Jessica Mele — 4 Reasons I Was Excited About Prime Day (As an Affiliate Marketer)

Prime day recently passed, and as an affiliate marketer I couldn’t wait. It comes around every year, and it feels like each year it gets bigger and bigger.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, or someone who sells something online, you should be excited about Prime day as well. Here are 4 reasons I was excited about Prime Day as an affiliate marketer, and why you should be (for next year) as well.

1. People Have their Wallets Out

Each year, Prime day gets bigger. At first, it used to be one day. Then it was two days that you could get amazing Amazon deals. Now, I can’t even tell you how long it is. While it’s still officially 2 days, many of the deals started weeks before Prime day. The day before, there are even more added. Prime day is no longer one day, but at least a week.

As the years have gone on, people have been conditioned that when Prime day comes along, they can get good deals. So by the time Prime day happens, people are expecting to spend money. They literally have their wallets out, ready to use their credit cards and buy things.

Often, throughout the rest of the year, it can be hard to convince someone to buy something. People don’t want to spend money. But Prime day? They’re expecting to. Many of them have been looking forward to it and are looking to see what they can get.

They want to buy things, and are looking to see what they can get in the days and weeks leading up to it. This is an awesome time to get someone to buy something!

2. They’re Looking for Good Deals

Amazon has conditioned people that this is a good time of the year to get great deals on almost anything. Since Amazon sells so many different things, they know they can find deals on electronics, books, toys, and so on. So people know that they’ll find good deals on all sorts of things.

This is great for us, as it doesn’t matter what niche we’re in, we should be able to find something good to promote in it. No matter what your niche is, there will be deals in it. It’s Amazon after all. They sell almost everything. Let’s face it, if you can’t find anything else, you can always promote books.



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